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A podcast by a Blizzard fan-gnome about World of Warcraft & geeky stuff. Each week I interview guests from around Azeroth & Beyond! Contact the show by email: show@frazlcast.com - Or give us a call: 1-440-536-3711

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Fun conversations!

To sum up FrazlCast in one word: FUN! Frazley is a great host! He finds fun people to interview and it's always interesting learning about the lives of other folks who play Blizzard games. It shows we're all so different but still love the same things! Definitely worth your time to check it out.


The Show From A Gnome With A Big Heart

Frazley is one of the most caring and genuine podcasters in the Blizzard community!! This really comes through when you listen to the show! Each week brings discussions with one of the rotating regular guests and/or a new person to get to know. This positive podcast includes conversations about World of Warcraft, the community, and fun randomness! I highly recommend it to anyone interested in World of Warcraft!! Thank you for all you do for the community Frazley!

Ali of Dungeon Fables

Lots of fun!

I really enjoy this podcast. Lots of good discussion about Warcraft. It's very entertaining and informative!

Buxley of Ask Buxley

Fun listen, for a gnome....

Frazley is one of the most entertaining podcasters in the game, his unique conversational style and endless puns will keep guests and listeners on their toes and smiling. However, when he breaks into song, ya MIGHT wanna have some earplugs nearby...


Not just a podcast for Gnomes!

Frazlcast is one of my favorite World of Warcraft community focused podcasts. Each episode is bound to make you smile, and will leave you wanting more. Because after all, who gets full off of a gnome sized snack?! Also, the audio quality is A++!

Epicinsanity of Frozen Nerdz

Gnometastic good fun!

Yes that was just for you Frazley! However, I do love the show and the guests you have on. I enjoy the format and how you engage not only your listeners, but the guests as well. Please keep up the great work and the streams.


Unique take on Warcraft

I enjoy Warcraft and this gives me more of that without being just a repeat of info I can find elsewhere. His guests are interesting and really make the show.

Elliot of Tessa & Elliot Argue

Gnomes Rule!

My favorite gnome in Warcraft! Does a great job in his show and audio is fantastic!

Aggelos of Dungeon Crawler Network

The Only Gnome With Horde Street Cred, Frazly!

Each week Jonathan does an outstanding week of pulling together people in real life that play World of Warcraft. Everything he does comes from the heart. When he says that he truly wants to have his listeners on the episode, he means it. Each episode is a thoughtful discussion on Warcraft and topics within it's circle of influence while keeping the dicussions relevant, thought provoking and just plain fun. In addition, the show pulls together blizzard / geek related news in a clear and concise approach. The show recently started adding additional segments, like Snackzeroth, where he adds wow related material from the community. We can't wait to see what other guests show up on his show! Keep up the great work, Frazly!

Michael Heit of Food and Fury


Great job! Really digging the show. Keep up the great work


About the Host

Frazley Sparkspan

Frazley Sparkspan

I am The Awesome Gnome in World of Warcraft. I love to podcast, love to walk, take selfies and just have fun! Battletag: Frazley#1711 - Discord: Frazley#1711 - In WoW: Frazley on Aerie Peak US - Guild: Convert to Raid - Living in: Ironforge Until We One Day Reclaim Gnomeregan - Avatar by BozPotatoz

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