About FrazlCast

FrazlCast is a weekly podcast by a Blizzard fan-gnome about World of Warcraft and geeky stuff. Frazley brings on guests each week to discuss what's happening in Azeroth and beyond!

The show is recorded at an inn (broadcasting on Discord) in Azeroth each week. We don't always know exactly what will happen, BUT we think you will have a great time!

Recorded LIVE every Thursday. New episodes released every Monday!

If you wish to join us as a guest, contact the show!


The Regulars

Here are our regulars on the show. They aren't here every week, but they've been on more than 3 episodes. There are chairs at the table that can tell tales about them.


Deceiverr 13

Deceiverr likes the Horde, but does play Alliance characters. He always wants to diss on Gnomes and Frazley is usually the punt of his jokes. He records YouTube videos and has been working on a leveling series. You will see different people from FrazlCast on that series. He routinely has to fight evil mages, so he may have to leave at times during shows.

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Eric Gauder

The words I write will be read by you. Owner of Eric Gauder Video. Content Producer at T4L Production. Rabid Minecraft addict.

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Gnome Warrior of @G4WrA. Slayer of Gul'dan. Cacophonous Reveler. 

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lady emma

Warlock. Has two cats, especially one named Jinx that likes to interrupt during records. Likes to craft in spare time.

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Siilverbolt plays a Worgen BM Hunter, sells a ton of gold on the AH and runs Convert to Shenanigans & Friday Night Fight Night (PVP) nights for Convert to Raid. Did I mention she raids two nights a week and comes on FrazlCast for episodes? WHERE DOES SHE GET THE TIME? She also produces awesome chainmail (as seen in this picture).

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Guests That Have Appeared on FrazlCast

Here are guests that have appeared on FrazlCast.


Gentleman Sour

Husband, father, occasional Twitch streamer.

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Former Community Manager @ OnLive, Gamer, Podcaster, Tech enthusiast, hiking, concerts, etc.

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It's pronounced LEEsha. I tweet and podcast about Blizzard's and other games!

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Twitch Affiliate, Summoning Stone Podcast Host, Blizzard Fan, and all around Gamer Geek.

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Xortz the Goblin

Hobbyist Youtuber and Twitch Streamer. Connoisseur of gas station coffee.

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Affliction Warlock on Aerie Peak | Member of Convert to Raid! | C9 fanboy

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The faces of Frazley.

The faces of Frazley.

About Frazley

Frazley has been playing World of Warcraft since Christmas Day, 2004. He raided as a priest in Vanilla in Molten Core. He took a break from WoW in 2006, came back for a bit in 2011 for Cataclysm. He finally returned in June of 2016 and is here to stay.

Frazley never would've left WoW if he had found a community. He encourages everyone to find a community to be a part of.

Frazley is an avid Apple fan, Fitbit steps fanatic and a competitive ballroom dancer when he isn't playing video games.

He hosts FrazlCast to hear from the many voices of the community.

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Frazley's avatar was created by BozPotatoz.