The faces of Frazley.

The faces of Frazley.

About Frazley

Frazley has been playing World of Warcraft since Christmas Day, 2004. He raided as a priest in Vanilla in Molten Core. He took a break from WoW in 2006, came back for a bit in 2011 for Cataclysm. He finally returned in June of 2016 and is here to stay.

Frazley never would've left WoW if he had found a community. He encourages everyone to find a community to be a part of.

Frazley is an avid Apple fan, Fitbit steps fanatic and a competitive ballroom dancer when he isn't playing video games.

He hosts FrazlCast to hear from the many voices of the community.

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Frazley's avatar was created by BozPotatoz.