FC 067: Passionate About Lip Balm

145 minutes

This is a SPOILERIFIC episode! I was joined by Epicinsanity of The Frozen Nerdz and Michael of The Blue Recluse! We talked about podcast creation. We then proceeded into a discussion of what caused the burning of Teldrassil, talked about the Old Soldier Cinematic and then the Siege of Lordaeron! All that AND MORE! JUMP ON THE SPOILERY GNOME TRAIN! WOO-OOO!

Teldrassil Poem by Brandon T. Blaylock.

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Show Outline:

00:00:00 - Bumper by The Raider's Confessional 00:00:06 - Teldrassil Poem by Brandon T. Blaylock 00:00:38 - Intro 00:03:13 - Around the Table 00:31:09 - Interview with Epicinsanity on WoW, Podcasting and Content Creation 01:11:02 - War of Thorns Part 2 - WHAT BURNED TELDRASSIL? 01:32:53 - Reactions to Old Soldier Cinematic 01:42:43 - Reactions to Siege of Lordaeron 02:00:27 - News 02:14:08 - Outro 02:14:45 - Unshackled Fury Podcast Promo 02:15:24 - Frazley Report 51: Reporting From Lordaeron 02:21:30 - Battlepets 129: Legion Promo 02:22:58 - Dungeon Fables Promo

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Opening Bumper by Brandon T. Blaylock! Around the Table bumper made by Epicinsanity.

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