My Podcast Guest Appearances

This isn't me, but I thought it looked cool! :D

This isn't me, but I thought it looked cool! :D

Over the year I've emailed/tweeted/left voicemails on different podcasts across the WoW community. I've also been honored to be able to be a guest on a few podcasts. Below are my guest host appearances so far.

All Things Azeroth

My first ever podcast guest appearance was on All Things Azeroth. I had a great time and it was a blast conversing with this crew. Definitely check them out each week. I like to tune-in and when I can't, I listen and send in my emails/voicemails.

Behind The Avatar

Leeta honored me with an interview on Behind The Avatar. I had a great time chatting with her, it was like drinking coffee with a friend. Really helped put my game history into perspective. Check out this podcast for more interviews and find out about the people behind the avatar.

Thank you to Medros & Leeta for having me on your shows. I love listening to them and can't wait to hear your future episodes!