Iron Man Challenge Day 1

Here a little back story.
On Ep 1 on FrazlCast, Deceiverr and I talked about the Iron Man Challenge. We were originally going to start in September, but guess what?! We get to start a little bit early. I will do my best to write the progress of my adventures. I believe Deceiverr will be recording it and adding it to his YouTube channel.

This Challenge is for Deceiverr and I, to see how long it will last, before we break a rule or die. Also a little bit of a speed test too. We will do /play for the total time played on that Character. 

Here is the link for the Iron Man Challenge Rules

There are 16 Rules, but 15 doesn’t take infect until Draenor and 16 for Legion. Let’s see if we can even get that far.
I will be doing this on a PVE server. Just seem a little too risky. We both also decided to do Horde characters. 
I will be doing this on Hyjal (Don’t have a solid friend base there. Yay no temptations) Playing an Orc Shaman named Kyllikkie.

Reason for why I’m picking a Shaman. Shamans have Mail armor, so they are not as squishy. (Even though I can only wear white ) 
So let me start off my adventures… Wish me luck ;)

The opening for the Orcs is very out of dates. Garrosh Hellscream is still war chef and is still ALIVE!!! … I think the last time it was updated was for Cataclysm. I understand they cannot change it every expansion… but maybe if someone was bored, they could do some updates. I also see why they don’t do updates. As it helps new players know the storyline going though the game. So I guess I have the “foresight” of knowledge of what is going to happen.

After the intro, I went into the addon setting. I took off any addons that I should not be needed for this challenge. Like DBM, Archy and much more. Then I went into the setting and turn off group, guild invites and anything that could accidentally get me to lose the challenge.
I do have a list of Rules beside me… and I am constantly looking at it, making sure I don’t do anything wrong.

Level 1 took longer due to setting up the ui and getting everything the way I like on a new character.
One thing I notice is I have a buff spell… but I am not sure if I am allowed to use it
It is an Orc racial Buff “Blood Fury” At this point in time. I have taken it off my bars, until I can do more research on it. 
What it does it increases my spell power by # and last by 15 sec.  The spell power will increase as I level. What spell power does it increasing Damage and healing done.
The rule 12 – “No food buffs or other external buffs are allowed. Class abilities, racials and personal buffs (eg. Kings if you're a Paladin) are okay!” Make me believe I should be fine. 
But I want to be safe than sorry.

Now for the leveling part.  
1-5 was quite easy, nothing really to worry about. Quest rewards were all white. I did get an apple item… didn’t trust it, so vender it (look at snow white, who can trust an apple) Mobs were yellow, and only attack back.
It was super easy.
Now level 6 I am out of the safety of the starting area. Some mob are still yellow, but getting a few more red. I did have a problem with another person who wanted to help kill things for me. He was lvl 71 in an lvl 6 area. With the rule of not letting anyone help and I have to do the most of the damage. He scared me, so I moved on and did a different quest.

I finally found the first poop quest on the horde Orc side. It was minor but it was there. “Riding on” is the name of the quest. You talk to an Orc to borrow a wolf mount to get from point A to point B. You have no control over the mount, but all of suddenly it stops. Thinking maybe I need to fight mobs, as I know there quest like that there. I then hear the NPC s “ what that smell, bad dog” and as you rode off , you saw the pile of poop. 

Now leveling from 6-10 wasn’t too bad, I did find it a bit slow. I have no rested at this point in time. I am dwelling on lvl 55-60. As I have always found it slow even with heirloom gear on. More mods are red then yellow. This did scare me. There were a few “skull” level people around. A few even eyed me…. But I have to keep remember I’m on a PVE server not PVP. That means as long as I am not flagged. I should be safe. 
Around level 8 to 10, I did start to get cocky. I was taking risks that I probably shouldn’t get into the habit of. I was taking on 2 or more mobs, or jumping down something high. If I keep this behavior up it could lead up to my character dying an early death.

At level 10 I can and did registered my character on the Iron man website. Wish me luck ^_^

P.S. Deceiverr started as well. He played for 4 hours… then made a mistake… drank a potion. Technically I won, but I’ll give him a “practice” run ;) And I get one freebie, if I mess up. He also decided to try this on Hyjal server.
The heat is now on. Only time will know who is truly up for the challenge. ^_^ 


LVL2 - 15m, 13 s
LVL3 - 22m, 27 s
Lvl 4 - 31m, 6s
Lvl5 - 41 m, 49 s
Lvl 6 - 52 m, 10 s
Lvl 7 - 1 h, 13m, 27 s
Lvl 8 - 1h, 35m, 56s
Lvl 9 - 1h, 54m, 11s
Lvl 10 - 2h, 16m, 55s