Welcome to FrazlCast!

What started as a joke between The Blue Recluse and me has turned into this podcast.

I have wanted to start a podcast for years. Been to conventions on podcasting, local meet-ups, etc. I just needed something that I could consistently talk about week-after-week. World of Warcraft and its community has become foundational in my online gaming life. There is just so much to the community and so many amazing people with their own perspectives. I don't want to replace or compete with any podcasts, there are so many amazing ones out there, instead I want to add another perspective to the mix.

My aim for FrazlCast is to be like someone getting on a Discord voice channel (we are currently using Discord as our recording studio for the show) for an evening of chatter. There are many amazing people in the community that I want to hear from. So, except for me, there will not be any regularly stationed host slots. I welcome anyone and everyone on as a host to the show. I will definitely have people back as many times as they'd like. I want to hear from all the corners of Azeroth and beyond.

This show is an experiment and one I am so eagerly excited to start. Welcome to FrazlCast! Let's enjoy the ride!