New Studio Improvements

Hello! That's Nice!!!

I'm having too much fun with the podcast. Just put together the new studio in the guest bedroom. It's a cardtable, next to a dresser (right now with a comforter to dampen sound). I put two IKEA PS 2017 Room Dividers up (they are cheaper in the US store, but aren't listed right now) to catch and absorb sound as well. Dan Benjamin from Podcast Method recommended this on a podcast as a workaround to foam insulation.

I upgraded to the Audio-Technica ATR2100 (affiliate link) after both Daniel J. Lewis & Pat Krane recommended it. So far I am enjoying the sound that is coming from it. I added the mic stand and windscreen (after changing to the red one for fun) that are recommended on the Amazon page for the ATR2100. I have a shock mount coming that I want to try. I have the mic on a tray-table to the side. This way it is stable, nothing is going to move the tray table accidentally, and you won't hear my vibrations from the laptop keyboard on the cardtable.

I'm just using a pair of Apple Wired EarPods (I don't trust battery life, lag or connectivity of AirPods for a live recording). I had heard from some that it doesn't leak as much sound to the mic and you still hear yourself. I am looking into headphones to use for the editing portion.

So far I am very impressed with the setup. It is a good solution as I'm growing the show. I have been having so much joy from this show. Can't believe we are recording Ep12! :O Thank you for being along for the adventure. To MANY, MANY, MANY YEARS of podcasting!

Second shot of the new studio.